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The currency used in Australia is the Australian Dollar. The Australian Dollar is also known as the 'Aussie' and the most commonly traded currency is the US Dollar. The economy of Australia is driven by the sale of natural commodities around the world. Therefore the Australian Dollar is traded with many currencies such as GBP/AUS or USD/AUD. Many residents from the UK emigrate to Australia and we can provide very competitive exchange rates for changing sterling into Australian Dollars. Australian Dollars can be transferred to Australia for many purposes such as purchasing assets. Many Australians travel the world to experience the delights of the globe, working in different locations. Wherever Australians find themselves we can arrange an international money transfer, whether it is Australian Dollars to Australia or from Australia.

There are no currency restrictions on import and export of local and foreign currencies to Australia although sums of over A$ 10,000 must be declared to AUSTRAC.


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