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Private Client currency brokers offer proactive currency dealing facilities for individuals buying or selling overseas assets.

One of the most common Private client currency transaction is for international property (real estate) sales. Foreign Exchange companies also supply currency exchange and transfer services for emigration, purchasing and importing cars, buying yachts using foreign currency as well as assets such as bloodstock and artworks.

Many Private Clients also have requirements to make foreign currency payments for investments overseas.

How does it work?

Private client currency dealers will do more than just sell you foreign currency. They understand that to many people the process of buying currency can be daunting. They explain the currency exchange procedures and aim to offer a solution to fit your own requiremnts.As well as offering competitive exchange rates Foreign Exchange companies can monitor the market for you and keep you abreast of developments. Once the currency has been acquired a dealer ensure that the transfer of the currency overseas is timely and prompt.

Currency dealers do not 'sell' to you but are ther to help, advise and consult. They act on your instructions once you are ready to make a foreign currency purchase. Instructions to buy currency on your behalf can be taken over the phone in real time.

Many UK residents have a dream of buying a property abroad. Some want to retire to the sun, others need a holiday home and many buy a property abroad and rent it out to pay for it. As house prices in the UK have escalated over the last few years many UK residents have released equity in their property to afford their dream. We follow two examples of people buying homes overseas and see how they benefitted from the exchange transactions offered - View house purchasers experience with their fx deal.

To fund a foreign property purchase people either take out a foreign currency mortgage or release funds in the UK to buy a property outright. Whichever method you choose you will be open to currency exchange rate fluctuations. As well as all the trials and tribulations that you will encounter while trying to actually buy a property overseas you also have to deal with a foreign currency.

Foreign Exchange companies are on hand to help you through the process of exchanging currency.Their dealers will listen to your requirements and help devise a strategy to fit your needs. Our forex brokers can offer 'spot' rates, 'forward contracts' or 'time option forward contracts' to help achieve your goals.


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