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What to look for from a broker

Our foreign exchange providers aim to help their clients save money on foreign currency transactions and offer a comprehensive and efficient service for those wanting straight forward exchange deals (and also for those wishing to trade forex online).

  • No or low Commission Fee.
  • Free Transfers on many transactions
    Check for the applicable transfer charges.
  • Competitive Exchange Rates.
    Beacuse foreign exchange dealers purchase high volumes of foreign currencies they are able to achieve competitive rates that they pass on to customers.
  • Foreign Exchange Dealer.
    An experienced dealer will discover your requirements and offer you different options to achieve them. They will de-mystify the foreign exchange process.
  • Options.
    There are a wide variety of methods open to help buy your currency.
  • Back up.
    Once you have made your currency trade the foreign exchange company will ensure that the transfer happens efficiently and on time. Written confirmation will be forwarded to you after the trade.

    Most high street banks are not necessarily currency exchange specialists Not only can foreign exchange dealers offer great rates, but they can also help plan for future requirements by offering fixed rates by way of forward contracts. Shopping around and comparing exchange rates can make a big difference to a deal we have prepared some guides and explain FX dealing with some example currency deals and information on trading online that may be helpful.

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